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Solid fuel plumbing

Many of us living in East Anglia – often away from mains gas – have solid fuel heating or cooking stove.

Most people don’t realise that many of these appliances can be plumbed in to an existing heating system so that, instead of wasting the unneeded energy from your wood of coal stove, you can use it to work along side your conventional heating system to heat your radiators or hot water.

h2-panelH2 Panel Installation

We’re experienced at planning and installing the H2 Panel ( This panel was desgined to efficiently link a solid fuel appliance to a central heating system with an automatic boiler.

You can use this to heat radiators or underfloor heating.

Solid fuels appliances work best at lower temperatures and traditional boilers can then be used to add some extra energy to ‘top up’ to temperature.

These panels carefully manage the different temperatures from the systems, automatically getting the best of the systems, without requiring any manual input.

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